Our School

The School Aims

  • To provide a happy environment and a stimulating, broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To encourage the best from our pupils and promote a life-long desire for learning.
  • To develop tolerance and understanding, consideration and courtesy in our school community and beyond.
  • To provide the opportunity for every pupil to achieve their full potential and to develop their confidence and self-esteem.

We take great pride in the happy atmosphere which is evident throughout the school, and the way in which Dair House School children show consideration and care for each other across all year groups.

The traditions of the Kindness Cup and Work of the Week, dating back many years, are still at the centre of our work. ¬†At the same time we continue to move forward in the 21st Century, preparing our children, in the words of the ISI report of 2011, “in a stimulating environment where the overall quality of teaching is excellent”.

Our small classes and family ethos ensure children grow up with confidence and self-belief.