Dair House School

Independent school for boys and girls aged 3 - 11

ISI Inspection Report

Dair House was inspected in March 2024 and has met all the ISI’s stringent standards, thus emphasising Dair House’s commitment to a high-quality education which fosters and nurtures the holistic development of all our pupils.

Key findings of the Inspection:

Leadership and Management:

The report highlighted that the school is ‘well led and managed’ and that ‘leaders prioritise the wellbeing of pupils and share a common focus for the care and welfare of each individual’. Leaders were praised for their ‘depth of knowledge about the school’s effectiveness’ and how they are proactive and transparent in continuing to develop the school in line with its aims. Inspectors commended ‘Leaders personable approach and commitment to care for each pupil and their needs is valued by parents.’ They recognised that both leaders and staff promote ‘principles of respect and equality’ and that ‘pupils from a variety of backgrounds consistently show mutual respect and tolerance’.

Quality of Education, training and recreation:

The inspection report recognises that our ‘broad and balanced curriculum provides a holistic education and prepares pupils well for the future’ and that our ‘extensive range of extra-curricular activities extends and enriches the curriculum, providing stretch and challenge’. Our well-planned lessons mean that pupils make ‘typically good progress’ and our EYFS were praised for the curriculum which enables our youngest children to ‘make good progress and successfully reach the early learning goals’

Inspectors observed our teachers’ ‘passion and good subject knowledge’ and the skills of our teachers to adapt lessons to individual learning needs with the ‘provision of different levels of challenge’ and ‘enabling those who have SEND to progress well’. The inspectors noted that our ‘pupils are confident in performing and presenting’ due to the opportunities we give our pupils through our broad curriculum, performances and interactive lessons, meaning that ‘linguistic attainment is high’. They also commented that our ‘pupils are well motivated’ are ‘active and reflective learners’ and are ‘adept at working independently and collaboratively’.

Pupils’ physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing

Inspectors were keen to commend Dair House’s commitment to the pastoral and holistic development of pupils. A standout feature of their findings was that ‘pupils feel happy and safe’.

They praised the dedication to our wellbeing programme and ‘extensive outdoor learning programme ‘Dair to go Wild’ which as a result, saw pupils ‘develop high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem and learn strategies to protect their own physical and mental health’. The inspection report stated that ‘principles of kindness and equality’ are promoted throughout the school and it is this culture that means ‘standards of behaviour are consistently high’. In

Early Years our pupils were praised for their ‘high level of emotional security and wellbeing because staff provide close attention to their developmental needs’.

Pupils’ social and economic education and contribution to society

Inspectors were quick to observe that our well planned PSHEE and assembly programme ‘actively promotes positive values’ and through these pupils feel empowered to share their opinions. ‘Kindness, tolerance and respect permeate the school’ and ‘pupils develop an appreciation of individual differences’. Inspectors also observed that ‘children in the early years demonstrate high levels of social skills for their age’.

Inspectors commended our ‘Education for Social Responsibility programme’ which is ‘effectively supplemented by the school’s active charity work’. They recognised that ‘these measures promote a sense of social resonsibility and help prepare pupils well for life in British society’.


Inspectors commented that the ‘school’s embedded culture of care is reflected in its effective safeguarding arrangements’. All standards regarding safeguarding were met and the inspectors noted that there is a ‘culture of openness and early reporting of any potential issues’. The inspectors also noted that pupils’ views are listened to carefully and as a result ‘pupils feel safe and know there is always an adult they can speak to about any concerns.’

All schools who are inspected must have at least one recommendation, and it is worthy to note that many schools inspected under the new inspection framework have been given numerous recommended next steps. Therefore, I am very proud that Dair House only has one recommendation.

The leadership team had already recognised the need to ensure high levels of challenge in all lessons for those pupils already demonstrating higher attainment. Therefore, the inspection team acknowledged the steps already taken and recommended aiming for consistency across the school. We are excited to now be members of the association NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) and through this aim to be part of their challenge development programme.

If you would like to read the full report, please use the link below.

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