Dair House School

Independent school for boys and girls aged 3 - 11

Elaine and her team cooking up delicious food.
Elaine and her team cooking up delicious food.

Lunch Menus

Every day, our dedicated catering team from C H & Co cook up fresh, delicious food for our pupils. From freshly baked bread, to homemade cakes, to gently steamed vegetables – we have lots to offer!

Each child can choose from a meat-based or meat-free (vegetarian) option. We always have a jacket potato with a choice of fillings also available each day including cheese, beans and tuna.

Our chilled salad bar changes every day to provide pupils with the freshest produce. This includes freshly sliced bell peppers, beetroot, couscous, coleslaw and more.

For dessert, our pupils can choose from fresh fruit and yoghurt or the pudding of the day. These include home-baked cakes and custard, brownies and even ice cream for hot summer days!

We are sure your child will love having lunch at Dair House School.

The menu works on a three week cycle starting at week 1 on the first week of term.


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