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‘The personal development of pupils is OUTSTANDING.’

‘Pupils make exceptional PROGRESS.’

‘Pupils are in a very positive sense, CHARMING’

ISI Inspection Report, 2011


‘Principles and values are actively promoted which facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens.’

‘The teaching enables pupils to make good progress, encompasses effective behaviour management and is supported by suitable resources.’

ISI Compliance Report, 2017


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Week 10

Monday 19th June
Art exhibition

Tuesday 20th June
Y3/4 cricket vs Crown House, home, 2.30pm
Olivia performance, 6.30pm

Wednesday 21st June
Y2 trip to Windsor
Y5/6 cricket vs St Bernard’s, home, 2.30pm
Y5/6 rounders vs Long Close, home, 2.30pm
Olivia performance, 6.30pm

Thursday 22nd June
Y6 Braywick trip
Y3 assembly

Friday 23rd June
Environment Day