Dair House School

Independent school for boys and girls aged 3 - 11

Staff List


Mr Terry Wintle                             

Headmaster, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Janine Bull                               

Deputy Head, Head of Music, EVC

Mr Steve Carter                             

Year 6 teacher, Head of English and Boys’ Games

Mrs Susie Dangerfield                   

Year 5 teacher, Head of French, Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator

Miss Natashia Chambers             

Year 6 teacher, Head of Maths

Miss Kezia Hughes                         

Head of Art and Design, PSHEE teacher

Mr Tom Holliday                                     

Year 4 teacher

Mrs Cassie Fitzgerald                   

Year 4 teacher and Head of RE

Mr Alex Lopez                               

Year 3 teacher

Mrs Linda Woodhall                     

Year 2 teacher, Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator, Head of ICT and PHSEE

Ms Aisha Mehar                             

Year 1 teacher, Head of History/Geography

Mrs Emma Haward                       

Head of EYFS, Reception Teacher, Deputy DSL

Miss Bex Miall                               

Head of PE, Girls’ Games, Clubs, Swimming

Mr Tom Warren-Price                   


Mrs Kate Richards                         

Head of Science and Science teacher for KS2 (part time)

Mrs Vicky Collins                           

Thinking skills, IT & Art teacher 

Mrs Mary Ford                               

Early Years Practitioner, Breakfast and After School Care

Mrs Sabine Dickson                     

Early Years Practitioner (part time)

Miss Smeira Khan

Teaching Assistant

Miss Amy King                 

Teaching Assistant

Ms Daljeet Rose                 

Teaching Assistant

Miss Ghazal Shafi                                  

Teaching Assistant

Miss Nikki Grahame   

Miss Asma Malilk                 

Learning Support Assistant and After School Care

Lunchtime Controller & Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Julie Tough                             

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kam Dhoot                             

Head of Finance

Mrs Lorraine Wyatt                       

Admissions Registrar 

Miss Karleigh Pharo                     

School Administrator

Mrs Holly Weller                           

School Administrator

Mr Michael Simpson           






Mrs J Bull
Mr G Deats
Ms S Mackillican
Mr S Carnell
Mr M Bates
Mrs K Davis
Mr J Ledger
Miss E Westley


- Woodwind
- Piano
- Violin and piano
- Drums
- Brass
- Singing
- Guitar
- Bassoon